Using 'Bulk Edit' mode to paste in whitelists or blacklists from Postini on

You can whitelist or blacklist addresses on by just clicking on the links in your quarantine report or when you've logged in to, so whitelisting or blacklisting new addresses is easy.

You can also go into the Preferences tab on and paste in email addresses or domains one at a time.

If you have a lot of addresses and domains to enter, there's a fast way if you have Microsoft Word or Excel (other editors may not work):

  • Log on to and go to the Preferences tab, Whitelist/Blacklist.
  • For either Whitelist or Blacklist, click the 'Bulk Edit' button. This will bring up a window that has what's in your WhiteList or Blacklist currently.
  • Copy (say, from your Postini "Approved Senders" or "Blocked Senders" lists) the list of addresses or domains that you want to add and paste this in to the temporary Word or Excel document.
  • Copy the contents of the Word or Excel document, go to the Barracuda Bulk Edit window and paste in the new list.
  • Click "Save Changes" to finish.
    • If there are duplicate entries, you'll get a warning and the popup window will reopen so you can remove them.
    • If the Barracuda accepted the changes, you'll see "Configuration Updated" on your screen with a green background.

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