Sync Android Phone Calendar with Zimbra on

You can use the App CalDAV sync for Android to synchronise your Zimbra Calendar to your Android smartphone.

  1. Install the App from the Market and open it.

  2. Go to Android Settings and add a new CALDav Sync account.

  3. Enter the server name for your Zimbra server:

  4. Tick the ‘Use SSL‘ box

  5. Enter your username (email addres) and then your password.

  6. Select which calendars to sync by ticking its box and press Next.

  7. Enter the email address associated with it, probably already the default and set whether to sync to or to and from the phone.

  8. The selected calendars are now added to the phone ready for use and synchronization.

If this does not work for you, try using the Zimbra Caldav URL:

Replace ( with your real email address.

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