Setting Up Zimbra Desktop

If you choose to use the Zimbra Desktop to check your email, the first step is to download the latest Zimbra Desktop Release.
You may also need to install Java JRE Java. Download it from :

You can use Zimbra Desktop to access your HIS Zimbra email account. This includes email messages, folders, address books, calendars, task lists, and briefcase documents.

Zimbra Desktop can be launched at the end of the installation process, or from the desktop icon or program file.
Make sure your Antivirus software is disabled during the initial sync.

On Mac OS: Zimbra Desktop automatically launches when you finish installing.

Make sure to have your email address and password ready and are connected to the internet.

Before you begin, make sure you are connected to the Internet.

  1. Open Zimbra Desktop and in the right top corner, click

  2. Click the Add New Account tab .
    In the Account Type list, select the account type.

  3. Enter the information as required for the account you are setting up.
    Account Name. This is the name that displays as the account name in Zimbra Desktop. If you are setting up multiple accounts, create a name you can easily recognize to identify each account. For example, for your HIS Zimbra account, you could use HIS.
    Your full name. Enter your name. (optional)
    Email Address. Enter your email address for this account.
    Password. Enter the password that you enter to log into your account.
    Incoming Mail Server: Enter the Zimbra server address that your account is on.
    • Security: check Use SSL encryption when accessing this server. Use SMTP Port:
    587 with TLS or 465 with SSL

In addition to the above, when adding POP/IMAP accounts, you need to add the following:

in In the Receiving Mail section, enter:
User Name . Enter the full email address that you use to check your email. This is typically in the form of
Password****. Enter the password you use to log into this account.
Incoming Mail Server. Enter the address of your incoming mail server. (,,
Security: Use SSL encryption when accessing this server. If your incoming mail server uses a different port, click Edit to change the port number.
For IMAP: USe port 993.
For POP: use 995.

In the Sending Mail section, enter the following:
SMTP Mail Server. Enter the address of your outgoing mail server. This is typically in the form of
• Select Authentication if a user name and password are required for sending email. If this option is selected, provide your Full Email Address and Password

  1. Reply-to.
    If you want your Reply-to name and email address to be different than your outgoing name and email address, enter the Name and email address you want to use.

  2. Synchronization.
    Select how you want data synchronized and how often Zimbra Desktop should check for messages using Synchronization Settings
    . The default is to synchronize every 15 minutes

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