How can I get listed with search engines.

Once you have your business online, the next step is driving traffic to your Web site.
You should register it with the most popular search engines (,
Most of the most famous search engines do not accept automated submissions, so you are advised to submit your web site manually to:

- Google:

- Yahoo:

- MSN:

Some providers claim to provide a 'value-added service' where they submit your site to all the search engines, but that's bogus - the search engines will find you on their
own - they're very aggressive about that. If you want to accelerate the process, you can submit your URL at - Google is by far the dominant search engine, with maybe 90% of the market - the others (Yahoo, MSN, etc.) are mattering less and less as Google grows in popularity.

Ways to get higher on the list include:

a) getting more sites to link to yours, since Google's ranking system gives you points for popularity if other sites link to yours

b) buying paid advertising with Google, which can pop you up to the top of the list if you want.
There's more info on this at
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