Enabling directory listing for a directory

By default, our (Plesk) servers do not allow users browsing to a directory to see the content of the directory

Users browsing to a directory which does not contain an index file will see an error:

You do not have permission to access this document.   

If you wish to enable this feature, also named Directory Listing to allow users to see the list of files from this directory, here is what you need to do.

Using an FTP client:

  • Using a text editor, create a file named .htaccess (name starts with a dot)

  • copy and paste this textin the file:

    Options +Indexes

  • upload the file to the directory via FTP

You can also create the file using your Control Panel's File Manager.

  • login to your control panel at https://:8443/

  • click on your domain name:

  • click on File Manager

  • Browse to the location of your online directory: httpdocs/

  • Click on Create File, name it: .htaccess
    (do not use HTML template)

  • copy the text

    Options +Indexes

  • Save the file

Now users will be able to see the Directory Listing when browsing to

More information about Apache Options:


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