How can I send and get the content of a form securely by email?

If your need to gather secure (private) information from a Web form, we recommend that you encrypt this information:

1 - On it's way to your server using a Secure Connection: for this you will need an SSL enabled account that will encrypt the information sent from your customer to your web server.

See HIS SSL Certificates Selection.

2 - On it's way from the server to your mailbox: using Secure Email: for this you will need to encrypt the content of the email message on your server before it's sent to you by email.

We used to recommend SimpleSecure but it is not maintained anymore.
As a replacement, you can use Tectite's FormMailEncoder/Decoder($) which works with their free FormMail PHP script.

Note:The SimpleSecure 3.3 Setup instructions are still available here. The software has not been updated since 2002, and we do not support it anymore. They are here only for legacy purpose.

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