Enable SMTP Authentication for Eudora 5 & 6 for Mac

Enabling SMTP authentication

  1. Open Eudora version 5 or version 6.
  2. From the Special menu select Settings. The Settings box appears.
  3. In the box on the left select the icon Sending Mail.
  4. In the box marked SMTP Server enter mail.his.com
  5. Verify that the check-box Allow authentication is checked.
  6. Click OK.  SMTP authentication has now been enabled.

Note: An increasing number of cable and DSL providers (Comcast, Cox, Roadrunner, Verizon, etc...) are blocking the default SMTP port 25 except for their own mail servers. This is being done to help reduce the amount of spam sent from infected customer PCs.
Symptoms: you get an error sending mail, saying "could not connect to mail.his.com".
Solution:In order to send email through your HIS mail server from your cable/DSL account you will need to use SMTP port 587 for mail.his.com.

It's a little tricky to do that in Eudora for Mac, as Eudora has chosen to hide the Port change option, but here is how you can do it in version 6 and above:

  1. Quit Eudora and look in the Eudora Application Folder for the folder "Extras".
  2. In this folder is a file "Esoteric Setting". Drag this file into the "Eudora Stuff" folder.
  3. Launch Eudora.
  4. Drop down the Special menu, and choose Settings.
  5. Click on Ports and Protocols.
  6. Change the port from 25 to 587.

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