Enable SMTP Authentication for iPhone/iPad

Enabling SMTP Authentication

  1. Tap on Settings from your main screen
  2. Tap on Mail then Accounts or Mail, Contacts, Calendar button
  3. Tap on YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT NAME then on Account
  4. Scroll down to the Outgoing Mail Server - SMTP
  5. Tap on SMTP to open those settings
  6. Make sure your Primary Server is set to either your hosting server's name (XXX.his.com) and SSL/TLS is On
  7. Tap on the SMTP server name to display its settings
  8. Then:
  9. Hostname:Make sure it uses the server name, i.e. XXX.his.com.Make sure to replace XXX.his.com with your HIS Server Name.
  10. Username: Your Full Email Address
  11. Password: Your current email password
  12. Use SSL/TLS: Yes
  13. Server port: 465
  14. Authentication: Password
  15. Click DONE or SAVE on your right hand corner.

* Note: An increasing number of cable and DSL providers (Comcast, Cox, Roadrunner, Verizon, etc...) are blocking the default SMTP port 25 except for their own mail servers. This is being done to help reduce the amount of spam sent from infected customer PCs.
Symptoms: you get an error sending mail, saying "could not connect to mail.his.com".
Solution:In order to send email through your HIS mail server from your cable/DSL account you will need to use SMTP port 587 with TLS or 465 with SSL.

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