Setting Up Tectite FormMail (PHP)

An alternative to MSA Perl FormMail is Tectite PHP Formmail, which has much more customizable options.
Turn PHP safe_mode OFF on your Plesk domain setup.

Log in to your control Panel at
Once logged in, if needed, click on your Domain Name ( to get to the Domain Control Panel. Click on SetUp
Uncheck the checkbox next to PHP Safe Mode

Configure Tectite FormMail

Tectite offers a nifty online Configuration Wizard.

If you were using MSA FormMail, you can use the Configuration Wizard to convert it to Tectite PHP Formmail.

By answering a few questions you'll get a configured FormMail and a sample HTML form ready to upload and use on your server.
There is only one mandatory setting: TARGET_EMAIL
and one strongly recommended setting: DEF_ALERT

The complete documentation is available online at:

Create your form

Go to this URL to learn how to write HTML forms for use with
Tectite FormMail:

Advanced Customization

Once you have FormMail working, you may be interested in some advanced usage and features. They have HOW-TO guides at which describe many of the advanced processing you can do with FormMail.

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