Updating your Domain Registration Information

  • Go to https://manage.opensrs.net
  • Enter the domain and the login information you received when you registered your domain (Username). - - -
  • Click on "Manage Domain".

We do not keep track of user passwords:
If you forgot the password, contact HIS.com support request a link to reset it.

Once logged in:

  • Click on the Domain locking link at the top of the page and un-lock the domain.

  • Click on the Profile | Organization | Admin | Billing | Technical links at the top of the page.

  • Change the information to what you'd like to see, then click on "Save".

  • Go back to Domain locking and re-lock the domain.

  • Log out.

If you update the Organization Contact (Owner) email address, an email will be sent to both the old and the new contacts.
Each party then must follow the link provided to a confirmation page, where they grant approval of the transfer.

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