Preferences Settings - Allow/blocklist, notification frequency, disabling your quarantine

When you log on to using your email address and password, you'll see a list of messages that the Barracuda thinks are spam. Messages are kept in your quarantine for 30 days or until you delete or have them delivered to your email box.

If you click on a message in the list, you'll be able to view the message so you can decide what to do with it. You can delete messages or have them delivered to your email box. You can also whitelist the sender's address so mail from that address won't be quarantined again.

TIP: mail from bulk mailings or mailing lists may have return addresses that include a long code - these are used by the senders to track bounced mail and are likely to change. You may want to click on the Preferences tab, then "Allow list/Block list" to enter a specific address, or just the sender's domain if you want to be sure that nothing from that domain will be quarantined.

TIP: Some mass mailings come from domains that do not resemble the company's web site name. For example, you may want to receive mailings from, but you will find that this site sends out its mailing from the domain You need to look at the From: address of an actual mailing that you are trying to Whitelist or Blacklist to determine what to enter.

Under the Preferences tab, you'll see buttons for:

  • Allow list/Block list - this lets you enter addresses or domains that you make sure don't get quarantined (your "Allow list") and that you do want to be quarantined (your "Block list"). You canaAllow or block specific addresses or entire domains (e.g.: or just Note that if you allow a domain, you might get some spam if the spammer forges an address in that domain - the tradeoff is that nothing legitimate from that domain will be quarantined either.
    • Note: allowing won't also allow mail coming fromsubdomains like
    • Barracuda recommends strongly against allowing domains, especially popular ones, since spammers often forge return addresses in those domains hoping that they're whitelisted. If you whitelist you'll get a lot of junk that you shouldn't have to see.

  • Quarantine Notifications - You can change how frequently you'll be notified about new spam in your quarantine (Daily/Weekly/Never) and you can specify an address to send the notification to if you want it to go somewhere other than to your inbox.

  • Disabling your quarantine - you can disable your quarantine here so that all mail, including spam, is delivered to your inbox. We ask that you not do this if you're forwarding mail to an external address, since then it looks like the spam that is passed through is coming from our servers.

    • Go to Preferences/Spam Settings and set Enable Spam Scoring to "No"
    • Go go Preferences/Quarantine Settings and set Enable Quarantine to "No"

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