Managing User accounts as Domain HelpDesk

A Barracuda account may be assigned Helpdesk permission for one or more domains.

This role lets the account holder manage his/her own quarantine and settings plus those of others in the domain:

  • Override account settings for existing accounts for the domain(s) the Helpdesk account holder has permissions to manage. The administrator can enable the Helpdesk role to expand or limit user control over their spam scoring, whitelist/blocklist, quarantine enable/disable, and notification.
  • View the Message Log for the domain(s) managed and deliver quarantined messages. The Helpdesk role cannot view the body of messages in the Message Log.
  • Log into the quarantine for other users in the domain and manage the associated quarantine inboxs, mark as spam/not spam, deliver, whitelist or delete messages.
  • View domain-level status and reports.
  • Edit account roles for account holders with lesser permissions.

The Helpdesk account holder normally can administer only one domain - if you have multiple domains, we can add them to the domain(s) handled by the person with Helpdesk access.

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