My mail is on a Zimbra server (like - what is the Junk folder for there?

Zimbra servers add another layer of spam filtering that backstops the Barracuda filtering.

Anything that the Zimbra server thinks is spam will be placed in your Junk folder, so be sure to check this folder now and then.

We have the Zimbra spam filtering set to be very permissive, so when you first get your account it isn't suitable as a primary spam filter. What it does, though, is give you a way to train the Zimbra filter to recognize what you think is spam and what isn't.

To train the spam filter in Zimbra, when you're reading your mail using the webmail interface for your domain, For users, this is

  • Login to Webmail at: using your email address and password.
  • Mark any messages in your inbox that you think shouldn't have gotten there as spam.
  • Check your Junk folder - if anything is there that shouldn't be, mark it as not-spam.
After a few weeks, Zimbra will begin to recognize what you consider spam, and some things that get past the Barracuda will go into your Junk folder in Zimbra.This training is being done specifically for your account, so it's pretty effective if you take the time to mark spam/not-spam in Zimbra.
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