Deleting messages in Bulk from Barracuda Quarantine

Quarantined messages will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

Here is how you can delete mail in Bulk from the SPAM Quarantine:
Make sure you have whitelisted/Delivered the messages you wanted before that.

1- From the Daily Quarantine Summary email:

Scroll down to the bottom of the Quarantine Summary email and click on "DELETE ALL DISPLAYED EMAILS".

After that one is redirected to the on;ine quarantine where the messages contained within the notification will have been deleted. There will be a note saying: Requested message(s) deleted from quarantine.
The messages you see remaining on the page are those that were quarantined before of after the ones listed on the notification you received.

2- From the Online Quarantine:

You can delete all messages showing up on one quarantine page by clicking on the square check box on the top left of the list of messages: This will check the check box next to all messages displayed on the page.
Click on "Delete" to delete them.

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