Setting up LDAP/Active Directory on Mail server

Although it is mot mandatory to use LDAP/Active Directory it makes it really easier for the Barraduca SPAM filter to validate legitimate recipients and map aliases, etc.

You should be able to login at using your email address and your regular email password.

To access the LDAP settings as Domain Administrator:
Once logged-in,

  • Click on Manage Domain next to
  • Click on the Users tab
  • Click on LDAP configuration

You will need the login information to the Active Directory.

  • Bind DN (Username):
    Distinguished Name (DN) of a user in your directory that has read access to all information about valid users. This is the LDAP/Exchange Username under which LDAP queries will be performed.

  • Bind Password:
    Password for the user specified above

The LDAP port 389 should be opened to outside connections on the server.
Here are the IP blocks you can whitelist:

For more information, see: Barracuda Knowledgebase
How do I configure LDAP/Active Directory verification on my Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall?

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