Editing Web Site Pages

Here are a few ways you can edit your existing web site pages.

For CMS-powered web sites

  • Edit the pages using the CMS (WordPress, Joomla,Drupal) admin or author access provided to you when the webmaster created the web site.

For static (HTML) Sites

  • use the File Manager editor provided with your Control Panel to edit the pages on the server.
    Login to Control Panel login page: https://www.:8443/
    Once logged-in, click on the WebSite&Domains tab, then File Manager

Edit each page and save the changes.

The next 2 methods have the advantage of letting you download the pages via FTP on your computer where you can work on them, then re-upload the pages on the server.

  • Download and install a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client like

Download the pages on your computer.
Use a text, code or HTML editor to edit the pages and make the changes.
Upload the modified pages back on the server.


  • using a "Design and Upload" software like
    Microsoft Expression Web
    Macromedia Dreamweaver
    Adobe Cloud-based Solutions

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