Zimbra8 Domain Email Addresses Administration

Managing a domain email addresses:

Some of your existing email accounts can be setup setup as Administrators.

To access the Zimbra Administration Console for folk.org: Go to: https://.his.com ot https://webmail/

Login using the email address and password for the email account.

Once logged in, Under the Summary, Click on "Add Accounts" or "Manage Accounts" link.

From Manage Accounts, one can view, manage, create and delete Accounts for folk.org
There is a very good online Help: Click oh the ? Help link located on the grey bar at the top.

On the left menu:
Mailboxes are listed as Accounts
Aliases are listed under Aliases
Forwarding-only accounts (to internal of external addresses) are listed as Distribution Lists

Select the email address you want to work with, and right-click and select Edit.
From there, under

  • General Information you can change the account information ans password.
  • General Information
  • Member of: let you see which Distribution list the address may belong to.
  • Features:
  • Aliases: let you add/remove aliases for the address.
  • Forwarding: let you add/remove Forwarding for the address.
  • Features:

Don't forget to save your changes to make them active.
The Save button is located on the right side of the grey bar at the top.

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