How do I add users to my list?

  1. Go to your List administrative interface ( and login with your list password. (The list server name was included in the list setup information you received).

  2. Then in the the Configuration Categories choose Membership Management.

  3. Choose Mass Subscription.

  4. Then enter the email addresses in the first box one email address per line.
    You can also upload a plain txt or csv file as long as it contains only the email addresses, one per line.

  5. Click on Submit Your Changes to add the new members to your list.


1- If using an spreadsheet to keep track of your addresses, you cannot upload it directly, but you can copy & paste the column with the email addresses.

2- If you would like to include someone's name as well as their email address, the format is:
One per line

For example:
John Doe <>
"John Doe" <>

Please note the < > are required around the email address for the add with a name as specified in the example above.

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