How do I report spam that I keep receiving? (SPAM Report)

At HIS we endeavour to stop all spam but some spam will always get through. If you feel that the spam you are getting is overwhelming or should have been blocked you can provide us with a "SPAM Report".

Please DO NOT just forward mail you think is spam to us. Forwarded mail does not include the information we require. We will not be able to help you with Incomplete SPAM Reports.


1- Verify that the SPAM has been Filtered by us: This is done by reviewing the INTERNET HEADERS of the mail you received.
If it was filtered by our service the headers will include lines that say BARRACUDA or X-BARRACUDA or

See our article on How To View received Email Headers

2- If the message was reviewed by Barracuda and you want to report it please Email your Spam Report.

  • Forward the message as attachment, this way it will retain a copy of the INTERNET HEADERS and the MESSAGE CONTENT to

Please only send ONE EMAIL MESSAGE per spam report.


See also: How to report spam originating Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Hotmail to these providers

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