Setting Up the Mutt Email client

Provided that Mutt is installed correctly on your workstation, here is what you need to use it to use your email account.
Assuming that your Mutt configuration file is named .muttrc and located in your home directory.

Open up the ~/.muttrc file in your favorite text editor.
Add your name, HIS email address and password—everything you'll need to alter is in ALL CAPS—and save the file.

At the end it should look like this:

Our servers do not accept unsecured connections.
set ssl_starttls=yes
set ssl_force_tls=yes

set imap_user = ""
set imap_pass = "YOUR.PASSWORD"
set folder = "imaps://"
set spoolfile = "+INBOX"

SMTP user auth

fill in the right user and pass based on your setup

protocols: smtp for TLS (25/587), smtps for SSL (465)

set smtp_url = smtp://""
set smtp_pass = "YOUR.PASSWORD"
set from = ""

We do not recommend saving passwords in plain text.
If you just leave the password fields blank Mutt will prompt you for the passwords when necessary.

Run Mutt from the command line by simply typing mutt.
The first time you do this, you'll be prompted to accept a Secure certificates from HIS. The certificate shows *
Press 'a' to always accept this certificate.

For more information about Mutt, check MuttWiki.
[Source]("Mutt Setup")

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