Troubleshooting Secure Certificate Issues in Web Browsers

An SSL certificate error might appear in your browser when accessing your web site with https://, with a message along of the line of "name mismatch".
It happens because your web site does not have a secure certitifate of its own and is using the HIS server certificate by default.

Chrome error examples
This site's security certificate is not trusted!
Or, a blank pane.

Firefox error example
This Connection is Untrusted

Internet Explorer error examples
There is a problem with this website's security certificate.
The secure certificate presented was issued for a different web address.

To resolve this issue: Accept the exception.
Steps may vary for your browser. For example,

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1.On the Certificate Error page ("There is a problem with this website's security certificate"), click Continue to this website (not recommended). The logon page is displayed. A red error is displayed on the browser's address bar.
2.Click Certificate Error on the browser's address bar, and then select View certificate.
3.In the Certificate dialog box, click Install Certificate.
4.Mark the Place all certificates in the following store radio button, and then click Browse.
5.Select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder, and then click OK.
6.Click Next, and then Finish.
7.When prompted to install the certificate, click Yes, and then click OK to close the success message .

Mozilla Firefox

On the Secure Connection Failed page:
1.Click Or you can add an exception.
2.Click Add Exception.
3.Make sure that Permanently store this exception is selected, and then click Confirm Security Exception.

Google Chrome

1.Click on Proceed anyway.
If you want to add the certificate permanently:

1.Click on the warning icon in the address bar
2.Click Certificate Information/Details Tab/Export to save the certificate on your disk drive
3.Go to Chrome Settings/Preferences/Under The Hood/Manage Certificates/Servers Tab and click the Import button
4.Restart Chrome

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