Rebooting Computer/Router to Update DNS after a Change of IP address

Some computers don't update DNS often so after a change of IP address we expect a few customers may have trouble connecting to their email server or web site as their computer will still have the old IP address cached.

Symptoms: "can't connect" or "can't display page".
However one can check with that the site is Up.

The first thing to try is get them to restart/reboot to force them to clear their cache and use the new IP address to reach the new server.
In this order:

  • Internet routers and/or DNS servers
  • Computers

Most Internet routers have either a power switch or a plug.

  • Turn the power switch off or unplug it
  • Leave it off for 30 seconds
  • Turn the power switch off or re-plug it.

On Computers:
Mac: Press the power button (or press Control+Eject) and, when a dialog box appears, click the Restart button.
Windows PC: Tap or click Power, and then tap or click Restart.

See also: How To Clear Your DNS Cache:

If that does not solve the problem it may be because of the way the Local Network is configured on your side:
If the old IP address has been hard-coded anywhere on the network or router, you need to update the IP address manually.
Please contact your IT person.
We are sorry but there is nothing we can do to help with that part.

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