Deleting Mail on Zimbra accounts

Zimbra Pro accounts come with a lot of disk space, however they are not unlimited and you might want to delete old mail once in a while to stay under your quota.

Here's what happens when you've used all of your disk space on

When you'll go over 90% of your disk space quota, you'll get an email Warning. You will be able to continue to receive mail until you hit your 'hard' quota, telling you to delete some mail. Once you hit your hard quota, no more mail will be accepted until you delete enough old mail to get below your hard quota.
Incoming mail will bounced back to the sender, letting them know the mailbox is full.

To check your disk space status on on the Zimbra server hosting your email accounts:

  • Log on to
  • On the top right-hand side of the screen there is a box with your name: Hover over it (hold your mouse cursor over it) to see your disk space status.

To free disk space and get back under your mailbox quota, you'll need to delete messages from the server.

Deleting Mail on

The deletion process on Zimbra pro is a 2-step process. After deleting the messages, depending on your layout option deleted messages are either

  • marked deleted (strikedthough)
    In this case find and click on the link "Purge deleted messages". or
  • moved to the trash folder
    In this case right-click on the trash icon and select empty trash from the right-click menu.

If you regularly exceed your mailbox quota, and don't want to delete emails you'll be asked to upgrade to the next mailbox level to get a bigger quota.

If you have any questions or problems, open a support ticket at

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