Changing Mailbox quota for a Zimbra Account (mailbox)

Zimbra 8 Domain Administrators can manage their own and their domain email users quotas.

To change a Zimbra (mailbox) Account quota:

1- Login to the Zimbra server* Administrative Console:
using the email admin email address and password.
2- Click on Accounts to see a list of the mailboxes in the domain you manage.
3- Select the account you want to work with, and double-click or click on Edit to edit it.
4- Click on the Advanced Tab.
5- Scroll down to see the "Account quota (MB):" in the Quotas section.
6- Change the value in the field
7- Click on Save

  • Your Zimbra server name was sent to you when we created the Administrator account.
    Refer to your initial setup email, or open a support ticket.

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