OpenSRS Domains Expiration Cycle

Day 0

If a domain name is not renewed by its expiry date, it is not immediately deleted, although it does cease to operate. From this point on, it is considered to be "expired".

Three days after the expiry date, the nameservers are changed to the OpenSRS Expired Domains nameservers.

Day 0 to day 40: Grace Period

Domain has expired, but is within Grace Period: It can be re-instated
If a domain name has expired, but is still within the 40 day Grace Period, the top of the web page may display a renewal reminder message three days after the expiry date.

During the 40 days following the expiry date (Grace Period) the registrant can reinstate the domain name simply by renewing it at the regular renewal price.

Day 40 to day 70: Redemption Period

Domain not renewed during Grace Period, but is within Redemption Period.
After the 40 day Grace Period, if the domain name has not been renewed, it may be queued for deletion and eventually dropped or auctioned off , or OpenSRS may decide to add it to their portfolio. If it is added to our portfolio, the domain name then enters a 30 day Redemption Period.
Important: Once the domain name is queued to enter the Live Auction, it cannot be redeemed by the original registrant.
During this period, if the domain name is not in the Live Auction, the domain name is still considered to be owned by the registrant.

If the domain name was not sent to the Live Auction (which usually runs from day -41 to day -45), the registrant can redeem their domain name during the 30 day Redemption Period; however, the cost is higher than a simple renewal (Usually about $100).

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