I got a "Quota exceeding warning" message. How can I empty my mailbox?

You may receive a "Quota exceeding warning" when your mailbox has reached its assigned quota.

When you get this email, you have to delete mail messages from your account to make space for new ones, or request a mailbox quota increase.

How you do it will depend on how you check your email:

1- You are using a POP account, and haven't checked "leave mail on the server":
In this case POP downloads the mail from the server, so you have freed the space on the server: no action is required on your side.

2- You are using a POP account, and have checked the option "leave mail on the server" for XX days/weeks/months:

Either uncheck "leave mail on the server", or modify the retention period and re-check your email via POP: this will empty the mailbox on the server. You can re-check it afterwards.

Note that we do not encourage using POP+ leave mail on the server.

If you need to check your mail from multiple locations, use an IMAP account.

3- You are using an IMAP account:

IMAP leaves mail on the server, so you have to delete it there:

login to: webmail. and delete individual messages or the content of your mail folders (sent-mail, deleted-mail,...) where old mail tends to accumulate.

Using webmail, you can save the content of a mail folder to your computer before deleting it.

4- Use Horde Webmail to delete messages and free space on the server:

Login to http://webmail. and delete individual messages.

See our Article: How to Delete Mail in Horde Webmail

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