Upcoming End of Personal Web Pages on www.his.com: 9/30/2017

Personal web space was set up when you signed up for an HIS Dialup or email account before 2007.
As of 9/30/17 HIS will stop providing this service and shutdown the hosting server.

You you have some files in a personal web page account on www.his.com, please download the files from your account before 9/30/2017 if you you want to archive them.

You can check iif there is a page showing at http://www.his.com/~. (Replace with the left part of your email account's address),

If you would like to keep them online, you can re-upload them to a web site you already own, or host them on a new HIS Web hosting account.

You will need to use of get a domain name to associate with the Copper account so your files are accessible online.

Here is a link to our Knowledge Base articles about Personal web pages.

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