Adding an new Email Account for your Zimbra Domain

Accounts are emailboxes, they are used to receive and store email for a user.
At any point in the process, feel free to click on the Help button (bottom left) to get more information.

To add a new Account to your Zimbra domain, log in to Zimbra from an account with Administrator privileges.
Click on the arrow next to the Administrator name to display the Menu available,
then click on the Admin Console.

Once on the main Zimbra Administration Console screen (the Home screen).

To create a new account from the Home screen, click on Add Account. This will start the New Account dialog.
Note: You can also use Manage in the left navigation pane.->Accounts is highlighted, and then click on the gear icon in the upper right corner, and select New.

The New Account dialog, which has several screens. The General Information screen is the only screen required, along with a Password. The other screens, such as Contact Information, Aliases, Member of, etc, are not required but may have options that you wish to set for the user.
New Account

  • Account Name

    Account Name (required) - this is the e-mail address of the user. The Account Name cannot have spaces or symbols, but a period between the names (jane.doe, for example), is allowed. All letters must be in lower-case. If there is more than one domain available, there will be a drop down menu for the hostname.

    First Name (not required) - the first name of the user.

    Middle initial (not required) - the middle initial of the user.

    Last Name (required) - the last name of the user.

    Display Name (not required) - if the Display Name is set to auto, then the First Name and Last Name will be used. If no First Name is given, then the Last Name will be the Display Name. If auto is unchecked, then you can set the Display Name manually.

  • Account Setup

    Account Status: by default the Account Status is set to Active.Leave it that way.
    Leave the Administrator option unchecked.
    If you need to add a new administrator user, contact HIS Support.
    Password: Enter a secure password
    Description: Add one if you'd like

Once you have completed the General Information screen:

  • If the user does not want an alias nor his mail forwarded, click Finish,
    otherwise click Next and fill-in the following information.

  • Contact Information

This allows you to add contact information for the account, such as a physical address and phone number. Nothing on this screen is required.

Once you have completed the Contact Information screen, click Next.

  • Aliases

An Alias is used to direct e-mail to the new account.

What this means is that you can have e-mail addresses like or all point to the actual account of Note that an alias has to be unique - you cannot use an existing e-mail address as an alias for another e-mail account.

Aliases are useful when you need to have e-mails directed at an address like sales@ or info@ or service@ delivered to a specific person.

Once you have completed the Aliases screen, click Next.

  • Member Of

If this user is a member of any Distribution Lists (a mailing list), add those list names here.

Once you have completed the Member Of screen, click Next.

  • Forwarding

You can allow users to set their own forwarding addresses (set in their Preferences). You can also set a forwarding address that is hidden from the user, so that all mail for this user is also delivered to another e-mail address as well as the user's e-mail account. The built in Help system has more information regarding Forwarding.

Once you have completed the Forwarding screen, click Finish.
(There are no Features or Advanced settings available).

After you click Finish. The new account you just created will be created.
It will be listed when you click on Manage accounts.

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