Adding a Distribution List

A Zimbra distribution list is a simple one-way mailing list, where e-mail sent to the list will be distributed to all the members of the list. Distribution lists are useful when a group of people need to get the e-mails sent to a specific e-mail address. For example, you could make a distribution list, and put all the sales staff on that list, or make a distribution list that included all managers.

To create a Distribution List from the Home screen:

  • Click on Manage, and then click on Distribution Lists. This is where you add or manage distribution lists.

To create a new Distribution List, click on the gear icon, and select New. This opens the New Distribution List Members screen.

-- List Name - this is the e-mail address of the distribution list. This name has to be unique, you cannot have another e-mail address using the same name. Only the List Name is required.
-- Display name - this is the name displayed for the list, such as "Sales List" or "Support List".
-- Description - an optional description for the distribution list.
-- List Members - all members of the distribution list will be shown here.

Add Members to this List - you can search for users to add to the list, or you can add them manually (scroll down to see this function).
  • To finish creating the Distribution List, click Next to go to the Properties screen, and make sure that Can receive mail is checked(it will be unchecked by default).

  • Click Finish.

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