What should I do if I forget my account FTP password?

We don't keep records of passwords (this is intentional, as a security measure), but we can change your password if you lose it.

If you lose your  password, please  open a ticket at http://support.his.com and ask us to reset it for you.

Please provide:

  • your Full Name
  • your billing address for your account
  • your HIS account number if you know it
  • a phone number where we can reach you
  • the email address or web site you've forgotten the password to
  • a temporary password

Once you can access your account with the temporary password, you'll be able to reset your password using your web site's control panel or the webmail interface provided with your account.

Note:  password resetting is a manual process, involving HIS support personnel.  We intentionally don't provide a no-humans-involved automated method of password resetting because these just provide another way for bad guys to try to break into your account.  We will decline to reset your password if we can't determine to our satisfaction that you are who you say you are.  We may insist on calling you back at the phone number that you provided when you signed up for your account before we change your password for you.

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