Trusting an updated certificate in Mac Mail or iPhone

HIS uses a certificate to secure all its mail servers. After we update our Certificate a message appears if you're using your site's mail subdomain ( instead of the mail server (as shown above).

You can either change the servername you use with the instructions above, or accept the new certificate in your mail app. This certificate is completely safe for you to accept. Once your mail client saves the new certificate, your email client functions normally again.

Mac Mail users: There have been a few reported issues with Mac Mail not saving the new certificate at first. You may need to accept the certificate **several times** with the 'Continue' button. Some users report that after a few tries, the certificate is saved. If it still cannot connect after these attempts, make sure you use the Mail Server name on your account (, or This information was provided when you set up your hosting account, you can also [contact HIS Support]( "Contact HIS Support") if you have any questions.

iPhone (iOS) users: Open 'Settings > Mail > Accounts', tap the account and address, and then re-enter the hostname using the server name. (, or If this doesn't work, try setting up email as a new account. Go to 'Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account'. If the message 'Cannot Verify Server Identity' appears, tap the 'Details' option below that message, and then tap the Trust button in the top-right corner.

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