Importing Outlook Data in Zimbra NE

The PST Import Wizard
Zimbra gives you tools to import your data (emails, calendars, contacts, etc) either from an email server (Exchange or Domino) or directly from an Outlook PST file (the file used by Outlook to store all its data).

Download the PST Import Wizard:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console at
  2. Click on the Downloads tab on the left of the navigation pane.
  3. In the Content Pane, click on the PST Import Wizard to download the executable file.
  4. Save the file to the local computer, or a network accessible shared folder.
  5. Double click the .exe file to launch the wizard (there's no installation process).
  6. Click on Next on the presentation page.
  7. In the Hostname field enter:
  8. In the Port field you can leave the default (80) and let the Use Secure Connection box unchecked.
  9. In the Username field, enter your Zimbra's user (user@) and in the Password field your Zimbra's password.
    1. Click on the Next button.
    2. You will now have to select the PST file that you want to import into the Zimbra server.
      The Zimbra Import Wizard helps you as it opens the default Outlook PST's directory when you click on the Browse button.
    3. Once you have selected the PST you want to import and clicked on the Open button, you can now click on the Next button of the initial window.
    4. Now, you can choose how your data will be imported:
      • Import Junk-Mail Folder: If you leave this box checked, all your spam will be imported to the server and marked as spam on the server.
      • Import Deleted Items Folder: With this, the deleted mails will be imported on the server.
      • Ignore previously imported items: This option is used when you're importing your data in several attempts. If you leave it checked, the already imported mails won't be imported again.
      • Import items received after: Checking this box and choosing a date in the calendar next to it, allows us to do a partial import based on date.
      • Import messages with some headers but no message body: You should leave this one checked as it imports some badly formatted mails.
      • Convert meeting, organized by me, from my old address to my new address: You need to check this box (and enter your previous email address) if you're getting a new email address on the Zimbra server. If you don't, the meetings will be imported but you won't be the owner.
      • Migrate private appointments: This one is your own choice as Zimbra does not handle (yet) the private items; all the imported appointments will be viewable by anyone you share your calendar with.
        Once your choices are made, you can click on the Next button.
    5. Click OK in the confirmation window.
    6. Next window will show you the import evolution (number of items and percentage). You can stop the import at anytime and start again later. Once the import is finished, a window pops up with a summary of the import session.
    7. You can click on the OK button of the summary window then Finish in the last window.

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