Domain Registration: Update your data use preferences

The European personal data protection law (GDPR) became active on May 25 2018, our domain registration and Secure Certificate provider (Tucows), has chose to apply the same privacy to all domains, whichever their origin or owner localization.

So you will or may have already received a notice asking you to set your data use consent preferences.

Regarding the Domain Registration information:

The public Whois database of domain registrations is now a gated system.

The registrar information, initial registration, last update and expiry dates, domain status, and nameservers will all remain publicly available as they are today.

The registrant information — name, organization, address, phone number, and email — is personal data that can no longer be published in the public Whois. Instead, they will plan to provide authenticated access in a specific and limited manner, so that those with legitimate reason to request personal data can access the information they require while the privacy of individuals remains protected.

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