Legacy article: Configuring Outlook 2007 with ZCO, preserving existing Outlook accounts

Legacy article.
Zimbra 8.8 does not support ZCO for unsupported Microsoft versions like Outlook 2007.

First, install the ZCO connector:

Outlook 2007

If you have an existing profile (POP3 account) already configured in Outlook, here is how to configure Outlook to show pre-existing accounts and Zimbra accounts in the same profile.

Note that you can have only one Zimbra account per Outlook profile.

  1. From the Windows Start Menu, choose Control Panel, then open Mail

  2. Select Show Profiles

  3. Select "promp for a profile to be used"

  4. Start Outlook, select the Outlook profile: Outlook will Open showing your old accounts

  5. Go to the Tools menu, and choose Account Settings.

  6. Under the Email tab, choose New
    Check the box near the bottom that says "Manually configure server settings..." and press Next.

  7. On the Choose e-mail service screen, choose Other, highlight Zimbra Collaboration Server, and press Next.
    You will lget a warning profile about the default Zimbra store. Press OK; we will fix this later.
    Enter the information:
    Server name: dc.his.com (click the "Use Secure Connection" box)
    Email address: for example user@dc.his.com
    Password: the password assigned to your Zimbra account
    Press OK.

  8. Go back to the Tools menu and choose Account Settings again.
    Under the Data Files tab, highlight the Zimbra profile, and hit the button that says "Set as default."
    Click Close

  9. From the Windows Start Menu, choose Control Panel, then open Mail

  10. Select Show Profiles

  11. Select "Always use this profile" and select Outlook

  12. Restart Outlook. Outlook will show all your email accounts, plus your new Zimbra account.

The ZCO will now sync the Global Access List and will get all the emails from the server locally.
The sync process happens in the background. If you imported lots of items previously, you might need to allow some time to get them back into Outlook from the server.

The first time Outlook is opened, it will automatically do a send/receive with the Zimbra server.
After this initial synchronization Outlook automatically checks the status and acts accordingly. .
A user need not be connected to the server to work with email that has already been received, check the address book, or work with the Calendar.
All changes that the user makes in Outlook Offline mode will be synchronized with the Zimbra server the next time the server is connected and Outlook is online.

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