Zimbra Webmail "Network service error"

Since Zimbra v 8.5:

If you see a "Network service error" when trying to connect to Zimbra Webmail or Zimbra Admin,:
Your IP address has been blocked ot throttled for:

  • too many connections per IP address
  • Too many failed connections


Please check your IP Address from the computer having trouble connecting to our server: - Open your favorite Browser

So we can un-block it for you.

After that:

If you are seing any error messages from one of the devices you are using to check your email, please fix it ASAP by entering the correct password for your account
or from a device you don't use anymore for checking mail, remove the account from the device Mail App.

If you don't do that, our firewall will detect those repeated failed logins as an attack and your IP address will be blocked again.

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