Zimbra 2FA: Generating application code for other devices / Mail Apps

Once Zimbra 2 Factor Authentication is enabled if you wish to be using Zimbra 2FA with other Mail Apps (iPhone, Outlook, Thunderbird... ), you will need to generate application codes for those apps.

To create a new application code:

  • Login to your account in webmail.
    Use your email address as username and your main account password (not an application code).
  • Click the Preferences tab.
  • Click Accounts.
  • Click Add Application Code.
  • Enter the name of the device or application for which you are creating a code, and click Next.
  • Use the application passcode provided as the password for the new device.

This is the most secure as is anything happens to any of your devices, you can revoke the application code for that specific device and the other ones will still be working.

The applications for which you have created application codes are displayed in the
Preferences > Accounts > area.

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