Update account settings in Outlook 2016/2019

Outlook 2016-2019
In the new simplified Account Setting dialog in Outlook, the password field and server settings are no longer accessible through the File, Account Settings dialog.

Here is how to update those settings thought Manage Profiles:

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. On the File menu, click Account Settings> Manage Profiles > Email Accounts (or Show Profiles if you have more than one profile).
  3. Double-click on your email account from the list then to open the old Change Account page.
  4. On the POP and IMAP Account Settings:
    • Make sure the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers end in "his.com".
  5. Click More Settings.
    • For IMAP, use port 993 + TLS
    • For POP, useport 995 + TLS
  6. Click the Outgoing Server tab.
  7. Make sure the server name ends with "his.com".
  8. Check the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication option.
  9. Click the Advanced tab and change the Outgoing server (SMTP) port.
    Enable SSL: change the port to port 587 with SSL/TLS from the encryption drop-down menu
    (or use 465 and select SSL).
  10. Save the settings.

Note: If using IMAP: Set the IMAP Root folder:

  1. Click the File tab, then Account Settings
  2. Choose your e-mail account, then click Change
  3. Click More Settings
  4. Click the Advanced tab
  5. In the Root folder path type INBOX
  6. Click OK and Next to save your changes

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