Plesk: Troubleshooting customer IP address blocked from accessing services hosted on Plesk servers

Our Plesk servers use Fail2Ban to block IP addresses generating too many errors.
These are usually spammers trying to guess passwords.

Unfortunately, they can be overzealous.

If it happens someone change their email password and does not update the password on all their devices in a timely manner, this can result in their office or home IP address getting blocked.

Symptoms: unable to connect to any service hosted on the Plesk server:
Inability to receive or send mail "Server unavailable"
Inability to connect to webmail
Inability to connect to the web site


1- From the computer having this issue

  • Open a browser
  • Go to
  • Read the IP address

2- Then open a SUPPORT TICKET at: Go to

Paste the IP address in the request and ask for it to be unblocked.

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