Setting up Zimbra Email account as Exchange ActiveSync in Outlook for Mac 2019 - Office365

ActiveSync and EWS are not features enabled by default: - they are available on our Pro level of service. Check if this is enabled on your account or if you should upgrade

For better performance instead of using ActiveSync on Outlook on Windows 10 set up the Zimbra connector for Outlook (Windows).
This feature is only available on our Pro-level mailboxes.

ActiveSync works well for Outlook for Mac.

In Outlook 2019 with the latest Office 365 Make sure to do a manual setup:

1- In Outlook, click the File tab, then Account Settings.
2- Click the Add Account button.

3- Select Manual setup. or additional Server types, click Next

4- Select Exchange ActiveSync, click Next.

5- Server Settings:

  • Your Name: Enter your name as you want it to appear to others
  • Email address: your full email address
  • Mail Server: Use the HIS server name: so it will match the secure certificate installed on the server.
  • Username: your full email address
  • Password: Your current email account password
  • Make sure "Remember password is checked"
  • Offline settings: Click it to the left to select "1 month"

6- Click Next, let the server verify the information and create the account.
If you entered the correct credentials and everything is properly configured, you will see a complete status.

7- A sync process will then run automatically, and you will see your messages, contacts and calendar in Outlook once it is completed.

Note: The initial sync can take a while for big mailboxes (> 5 GB), so make sure to allow a few hours to a day to run.
In the meantime, have people access mail on their old computer or via webmail:

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