Setting up Outlook 2016 with CalDAV Synchronizer with Horde Webmail to sync calendar and contacts

For Outlook set up with POP/IMAP accounts, you will need to download and install a 3rd party software like the Outlook extension CalDav Synchronizer to sync your Horde Webmail calendar in Outlook.

  • Note: We provide these instructions as a courtesy.
    Both Outlook and the CalDav Synchronizer extension are third party products, we have no control over any changes or updates and it may stop functioning. If this happens, here is the link to the CalDav Synchronizer Documentation and Support

Here is how to proceed:

1 - Download and install the extension

After you have installed it on your computer: restart Outlook.
After that the extension will then be visible in Outlook as a "CalDav Synchronizer" tab in the grey ribbon at the top.

2- Open Horde Webmail and copy the CalDAV url

  • Log in to Horde Webmail and go to Calendar.
  • In the left side menu: Click on the pencil icon next to the calendar you want to sync, to open Settings.
  • Click on the Subscriptions tab and copy the CalDAV Subscription URL url link.
    It will look something like this:
  • Click Cancel to close the Webmail window.

3 - Open Outlook and set up a profile for CalDav Synchronizer

  • Open Outlook and click the tab CalDav Synchronizer tab located in the grey bar at the top of the screen.

  • Click on Synchronization Profiles and wait for the page to open.

  • Click the green + icon in the top left corner.

  • Select Generic CalDAV/CardDav as a profile type.

  • Click Ok.

4- Enter the Account profile settings

Under Outlook Settings:

  • Fill-in the Calendar's name as you want to see it.
  • Outlook Folder: Click on the 3 dots (...) to browse and select the folder containing your Outlook profile's calendar (or contacts).
  • Click on "Synchronize items immediately after change".

Under Server Settings:

  • Paste the CalDav URL you copied from Horde Webmail into the DAV URL field.
  • Enter your full email address in the Username and Email address fields.
  • Enter your email password in the password field.
  • Leave the "Two way synchronization" mode selected.
  • Leave the default synchronization interval.
  • Click OK to create the profile.

6- In Outlook click the tab CalDav Synchronizer under the blue bar at the top of the screen.

  • Click "Synchronize Now".

7- You are done!

  • Logout of and re-login
  • You should now see the appointments you made in Outlook calendar in the Webmail Calendar.

Repeat as needed if you need to sync your address book/contacts.
This time in step 4 select your Outlook profile's Contacts folder.

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