Workaround for: Unable to attach Word Document in Standard HTML Version

November 2019:

Our customers using the Zimbra webmail Standard HTML Version have reported an issue while attaching Word documents, with an error saying "A client error occurred. Please try again".

Zimbra said will fix that bug in one of their future release but they have not said when this will be yet.

In the meantime, as a workaround: Try changing the Zimbra webmail version to Advanced/Ajax.

Here is how you change the Zimbra webmail version:

  • Go to
    On the login page:
  • Fill-In your email address and password as usual.
  • Under the line at the bottom of the login blue square: Select Version: Advanced/Ajax.
  • Click on Sign-In

Test composing a message and add a Word document attachment, it should work in that version.

If you wish to keep using the Advanced/Ajax version on webmail:
Once logged-In

  • Click on the Preferences tab located on the top grey bar of your webmail page.
  • In the first tier: Login Options: Check the Advanced/Ajax button
  • Click Save in the top left corner.

After that each time you login it will use the Advanced/Ajax version.

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