Setting up Android Phone to connect to Zimbra (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on Pro plan)

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is not available by default - it is available on our Pro level of service. Check if this is enabled on your account or if you should upgrade

Here are instructions for your Android phone:

  • From home, tap Apps icon > Settings icon > Cloud and accounts icon > Accounts > Add account > Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

  • Enter the Full Email address and Password for the email account and then tap Manual setup.

  • Remote security administration: The server must be allowed to remotely control the security features on your phone. CANCEL ALLOW

  • Then enter the required information:

  • Domain\username: Enter your Full email address again: user@domain.ext

  • Password: Enter your email password (case-sensitive).

  • Exchange server:

  • Use secure connection (SSL): Tap to place a checkmark in the box, if your system requires SSL encryption.

  • Use client certificate: Un-Tap this is not needed.

  • Follow the prompts to configure options for the account.

  • Enter an account name and a display name and tap Done to complete setup.

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