Zimbra 2FA: Moving 2FA to a new authentication app on a new device

Changing phones or tablet when using 2FA.
The Authenticator data does not automatically transfer with the rest of the data when changing phones or devices, like on iPhones/iPad.
For most authenticator applications (Including Google Authenticator since Nov. 2020), you will be able to export the data from the app on the old device and import it to the app on the new device.
Please refer to the authenticator app help or support on how to do do that.
There is also a good CNET article here

If you are unable to import the data from the old device application app onto the new one, you will have to generate a new 2FA Key in Zimbra webmail for your email account.

You will need the 2FA code generated by the old device or one of your One-Time codes. If you don't have any of those, contact support@his.com.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Login to your webmail account: https://zmail.his.com/) .
    Use the 2FA code generated by the old device or one of your One-Time codes
  2. Once logged in go to Preferences > Accounts.
  3. Scroll down to Primary Account > Account Security.
  4. Click on Disable 2-Factor authentication.Save
  5. Click on the link: Setup two-step authentication.
  6. Click on "Begin Setup".
  7. Provide your email account password, then click Next: It will display a Key: Keep that open and write it down.
    The next steps happen on the new device:
  8. If needed: Install an authentication application.
  9. Launch the Application on your SmartPhone. We will use Google Authenticator as example:
  10. Click + to add a new account
  11. Enter your email address
  12. Click on Enter Key and enter the Zimbra key displayed at step #6, then click Next.
  13. Enter the code displayed by the Application for this account, then click Next.
  14. If you entered the code correctly you should see a message saying Success!

You are all set: The authentication app will now generate the codes needed for your email account.

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