Troubleshooting email connection/password issues

When having email connection/password issues:

  • Can they access his account on some devices and not others? Then that might either a configuration or password error on that device.

If they can not access his email only from a specific location i.e. he can't when on his WIFI and can not reach webmail either but can access it from his phone when using his phone provider's 4G-5G:
Their home or office WIFI IP address may have been temporarily blocked in our firewall for too many repeated failed logins and they can not reach the server from your location.

If they are still having this issue:

  • Please check their IP Address from the computer having trouble connecting to our server:

  • If they can't access it from any location: His email account may have been compromised and it is safer to change his password as a precaution.

Here is how to do that:

Note on Zimbra or Plesk users can reset their own passwords if they have entered a recovery address.
If they do not have one:

Most hosted domains have a dedicated Delegated Admin user in charge of managing their domain email users on Zimbra or Plesk.
We at HIS support will only reset user's passwords, or as a last recourse for the other domains.

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