POP timing out: Not able to retrieve messages

If an email account using POP is timing out, what might be happening your email app is having trouble retrieving a large email from the server.

Here is what you can do:

  • In your email app: note the date/time and subject of last message you received there.

  • Close your email app.

  • Go to webmail and login.

  • Find the next message received after the one above: this is the one causing the trouble.
    It may be a message with a large or a lot of attachments.

  • Download the attachments to your computer, make a copy of the text of that message and the sender's address and send it to yourself.

  • Delete the message.

  • Re-open your email app: it should be able to receive mail then.

Repeat as needed if there are a more than one large messages.

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