Setting up Android Phone to connect to Zimbra (IMAP)

Before you start make sure you know know:

  • Mail server name: or
  • Username: That would be your full email address.
  • Email account password. Test by login successfully to

To Set Up Email on Your Android-based Device

  • Open your Android device's email application.
  • If you already have an email account set up, press Menu and tap Accounts. Press Menu again and tap Add account.
  • Type your Email address and Password, and click Next.
  • Tap IMAP.

Use these settings for your incoming server, depending on the type of email you have:

  • IMAP (Incoming Server)
  • Username Enter your full email address.
  • Password Enter your email account password.
  • IMAP server Use the Server Name: or
  • SSL/TLS On
  • Port 993

Use these settings for your outgoing server (SMTP:

  • SMTP server Use the Plesk Server Name:
  • SSL/TLS On
  • Port 465
  • Security type None
  • Select Require sign-in and make sure your Username (full email address) and Password are correct. Tap Next.
  • Tap Next again.
  • Name your account and enter the name you want to display on outgoing messages, like "Firstname Lastname".
  • Tap Done.

    If everything is working OK, you should see some email messages. To make sure you can send messages, compose an email and send it to yourself.

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