Cleaning Up Your WordPress Site with the Free Sucuri Plugin

A WordPress site has to be kept up-do-date with the latest WordPress core, Plugins and Themes.
When a security risk is discovered, WordPress site which haven't been updated are at risk of getting hacked.

Once this happens, the web site owner or webmaster has to clean up whichever malicious code the hackers have inserted in the site pages or database content.
If your site has been recently hacked and you are trying to clean it up yourself, we recommend that you use SiteCheck Malware Scanner, our Free WordPress plugin to help you during that task.

Check this article from Sucuri, a leader in Web Site protection:

If you don't feel like cleaning up yourself, HIS has partnered with Sucuri so you can subscribe to their services and have them do the clean up for you: Clean Your Web Site with Sucuri"

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