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Recommended WordPress Update Procedure 9 months ago  6152
Switching a WordPress site to HTTPS 9 months ago  2934
How to fix CPU problems in WordPress 9 months ago  3472
Updating WordPress on Plesk Onyx 9 months ago  1599
Move Your WordPress Site to HIS Using Duplicator Plugin 9 months ago  1774
Making a backup of your web site from the Plesk Panel 9 months ago  5104
WordPress & PHP 8 1 year ago  683
Making a copy of your web site & database for testing using Plesk Onyx 1 year ago  1644
Updating WordPress and its components (Plugins, Themes) from the Plesk Panel 2 years ago  5568
Changing the PHP version for a domain via the Plesk Panel 3 years ago  1258
How To Activate MultiSite in Wordpress 4 years ago  1672
Disabling WP-Cron and replacing with a real cron job 4 years ago  1852
End of PHP < 5.6 support on HIS servers 5 years ago  2078
Protect Your Web Application 5 years ago  4599
Installing Wordpress in Plesk 12/Onyx 5 years ago  3974
W3 Total Cache recommended settings 5 years ago  3246
Updating WordPress and its components (Plugins, Themes) from the WordPress Dashboard 5 years ago  3734
Fighting Contact Form SPAM 7 years ago  3911
Changing Site URL in WordPress 7 years ago  3607
Cleaning Up Your WordPress Site with the Free Sucuri Plugin 9 years ago  3512
Having a WordPress site show up as the main web site when files are located in a Subdirectory 9 years ago  4207
How to Password Protect the wp-login.php File 9 years ago  4655
WordPress Security (2012) 9 years ago  3362
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