Deleting Email from RoundCube

Deleting Messages is a 2-steps process in Horde Webmail:

By default, in the Plesk-hosted RoundCube Webmail any messages deleted will be moved to the Trash but not permanently deleted from the server. This means that when an email is deleted it continues taking up space.

Here is how to permanently empty the Trash:

To empty Trash from Roundcube webmail in Plesk Panel, follow the steps below:-
1- Log into your Horde Webmail.
Usually the URL is: http://webmail.yourdomain.tld
Replace "yourdomain.tld" with your real domain name.

  1. Once you are in Roundcube webmail, click on Trash folder at your left navigation to make sure your Trash folder is being highlighted.
  2. Click on the “Option *” Button at the bottom of the navigation and select “Empty”

Your Trash folder should be empty by now.

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