Installing Wordpress in Plesk 12/Onyx

Watch How to Install Wordpress in Plesk 12 Tutorial

  1. Log into your Plesk Control Panel.
  2. On the right side menu under the Websites & Domains tab, select Applications then WordPress to access the WordPress toolkit
  3. On the WordPress Installation screen select Install Custom from the dropdown menu. The Application will be downloaded. It may take a few minutes.

On the Installation of WordPress screen you will be given a series of options the steps below are the preferred options when using this toolkit.

1 By default it will offer to install WordPress in the root directory. If you do not want to install WordPress in the root direct you can simply add a directory name after

  1. Create an administrative user.
    • Administrative Username:For security reasons we recommend that you don't use just "admin" as your administrative user when you create an administrative account. Instead we recommend using use admin followed by your site name.
    • Administrative Password: Generate a random password of at least 8 characters in length.

3.Supply your site Administrator's email
You can use the proposed email or change it to yours.

  1. Site name: Supply a relevant title for your blog or web site.
    You can change it later

  2. Database

    • Leave the default database name as it is generated automatically.
    • Leave the default database user name as it is generated automatically.
    • Generate a random password of at least 8 characters in length. It should be different than your WordPress administrator account password then re-type it in the Confirm password dialog box.
    • Leave Prefix of Tables blank. At this point Plesk will create one for you.
  3. Auto-Updates
    It is important to keep your WordPress installation Secure, so

    • Leave "Select Automatically install only minor (security) updates" selected.
  4. Advanced Settings
    Select the options you want:

    • Uncheck "Search Engine Visibility" if you don't want the search engines to index it while it is under development.
    • Check "Debug Mode" for the development phase. You can remove it later.
  5. Click Install.

WordPress will be installed in the directory you specified.
You will presented with a summary of the WordPress installation and you can access the site by clicking the Login link to access the Wordpress Dashboard as administrator.

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